Oct 18, 2011

Motorola RAZR, First Official image and Presentation Countdown

Motorola RAZR, First Official image and Presentation Countdown
Motorola is one of the manufacturers that the launch of a new and powerful models. Predictably, the American company today introduced the Motorola RAZR, a stunning-looking smartphone that we have the first official picture and also expect explosive technical specifications.
These past weeks have been particularly intense when it comes to presentations of new models are concerned. First it was Apple with its iPhone 4S and waited a week filled with information on this model, although unfortunately marred by the death of Steve Jobs. And today, at two opposite points of the planet, will be held several presentations. On the one hand Samsung and Google will do the honors with the Nexus Prime and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and other Motorola impress us with his new beast, the Motorola RAZR, but not excluding other surprises like a revamped version of its current tablet, Motorola Xoom.

Creating excitement
Already used with the Motorola Bionic and it seems that good results have been repeated for signature. With more than one day prior to the event scheduled for today, the manufacturer decided to put on its website a teaser of their next model. One way to create buzz certainly around. A stopwatch with a countdown pointing to your presentation, some details and a video has been everything the firm apparently wanted to teach us. However, among the millions of people who took the trouble to visit the site, some found a secret door ... We actually refer to a link that took visitors to a photograph showing in all its glory to the new Motorola RAZR . The manufacturer realized a few hours later and removed the image of your website by making us think of an oversight.

First official image
However, that picture has stayed with us for everything that appears on the Web, even for a short time, endures over time. Thus, as you yourselves can see, the photograph shown correspond to a model extremely thin, rugged appearance and also highlights its back cover with carbon fiber emulation (although there are reports that choose to manufacture kevlar) and a digital camera with video recording capability in FullHD.

Possible specifications
We have the new face of Motorola RAZR and left a few hours to get their benefits, which of course it leaks and rumors (although unconfirmed). Although it makes sense to think that Android 2.3 will Gingerbread, will have to wait events. At first, the smartphone would be screen 4.3-inch high resolution. Regarding your camera, as we have said before would be able to record video in FullHD but it is unknown the definition of its sensor. In more technical point that has transcended Motorola RAZR have a Dual Core processor 1.2 GHz and 1GB of RAM. As for connectivity, it looks like it will be a phone with support for 4G or LTE networks, which together with its slim profile become thinner in the terminal to have the ability to connect to next generation networks.
Since you have MovilZona be informed as events unfold as you detail the impressions after a first contact with the smartphone as we will see the European debut of the Motorola RAZR.

Oct 15, 2011

Nokia 710 Windows Phone, the phone who left Maemo

Nokia 710 Windows Phone, the phone who left Maemo
Elop, the new CEO of the firm seems willing to remove the most unalterable foundation of the firm. After his sudden attack and joining the firm in Windows Phone now we have a leak at least interesting.
A leak that goes beyond a new model. In this case it is the revelation of a possible motive, Windows Phone, but in the middle of gestation would have changed his mind when leaving main Maemo operating system. In fact we see in the picture you can see there is talk of a "Maemo Internet Tablet".

Bet no continuity
If we make a little history I must say that was the bet Maemo Nokia touch regarding language operating systems on Linux. In 2005, Nokia showed the world the Nokia 770 with the first version of Maemo, with WiFi and no 3G, which can be considered the first tablet of the firm and possibly the modern era of mobile communications. A model that went almost unnoticed and we can say was ahead of its time. The Nokia N900 with Maemo 5 was the last commercial link in a chain that successfully anticipated in view of the good reception given to ways and Maemo among advanced users of mobile telephony. Received its last update in 2010 and joining Nokia and Intel Moblin Meego was subsequently annulled forever.

Good equipment
Focusing on the terminal must be said that the benefits are more current, such as the processor is 1.4 GHz has a screen size 3.7 inches with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels ClearBack anti-reflection coating. The camera has a resolution of five megapixels and a wide-angle 28 mm .. The video recording is in HD at 720p, while memory rises to a level 8 GB RAM 512 MB. Curiously, the battery is only 820 mAh with a level of autonomy of 400 hours standby, 5 and 7 web browsing if you use GSM networks. As a final detail that has MicroSim point. Its dimensions are 119 × 62.4 × 12.4 mm. and weight is 125 grams.

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